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How to run your own Internet TV station, profitably



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Inspired by the popular video from the Broadcast Live and Video Forum seminar, David Ingram, Director of Intervision, has written the definitive guide to all the things you need to know about how to set up and run a successful Internet TV station.

The book covers everything, including :
- cameras and editing equipment
- encoding software and settings
- internet marketing
- internet advertising, pay-2-view, and sponsorship
- video streaming suppliers
- Windows Media and Flash streaming
- Internet TV station software
- finding and understanding your audience
- business planning and revenue modelling

There is no other place you can go to on the internet that covers all the things you need to know, does it so comprehensively, and is such an easy to read

Fred Perkins, CEO, Information TV Ltd
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Internet TV is variously misunderstood, over-hyped and very powerful. Dave Ingram is almost giving away what would cost $thousands in consulting expertise in this incredibly detailed and yet pragmatic and concise how to manual.

This book is absolutely essential reading for those thinking about WebTV and indeed, for those already committed to it. I’m not aware of any source of information on the subject at any price that is so comprehensive.


Stefan Adamczyk
Senior Business Development Manager
Limelight Networks, Inc

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A excellent and comprehensive ebook which is very easy to understand. The author has documented many years of knowledge and learning’s into this one paper. A must read for anybody who wishes to launch and run a Internet TV station.


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